Wood Flooring Brands


Coswick flooring was first presented on the market in 1995 and has since earned a great reputation for quality and innovation. Coswick head office is located in Mississauga, ON, Canada; the manufacturing facilities are in Zaslavl, Belarus. Our manufacturing process is completely integrated – we operate our own sawmills, milling shops, kilns, finishing lines and recycling facilities. State-of-the-art equipment and technology are used at every stage of production to ensure top quality, durability and appearance of all Coswick floors. Coswick dealer network spans 12 countries, with a strong presence in Canada, USA, Western Europe, Russia and CIS. In keeping with the latest flooring trends, Coswick regularly releases new products and showcases them at the biggest international exhibits in Canada, Germany, and Russia.

DuChateau Floors

DuChateau Floors are antique reproduction hard-wax oil floors developed in Holland. Our hardwood floors are designed to reflect the styles found in Europe from centuries ago. DuChateau Floors recreate the same time-worn look that showcases the character and longevity of a true vintage hardwood floor. Our hardwood floor production philosophy is to create textured hardwood floors with changing grain patterns of the natural wood characterizing true artistic design. DuChateau Floors corevalues are to make use of environmentally friendly methods and renewable forest resources, to offer products that are consistently of the highest quality, and to ensure excellence in customer care. We offer our clients great and assured opportunities for growth as we are committed to developing hard-wax oiled hardwood flooring products benefiting from the latest adv ances in styling, technology and innovation and which keep us firmly at the forefront of the design industry.

Fuse Flooring

The Fuse success story is a credit to the many fine architects, designers, contractors and building owners who have entrusted us with their projects. They have determined that practical, beautiful, natural Fuse flooring is a distinguishing asset of the built environment. Design for low life cycle costs is reflected in product styling and performance features.


Goodfellow is a wholesaler and distributor of food and wood by-products with headquarters located in Delson, Québec. We have wood treating facilities and offer a full inventory of exterior siding, flooring, plywood, treated wood and prefabricated products as well as a broad range of hardwood, softwood and exotic woods. For additional information about our products and services.


Since 1959, Koetter Woodworking, Inc. has built its business on supplying its customers with products of which they can be proud. When you see the Koetter Brand Certified logo, rest assured that you are receiving products that meet our demanding guidelines for quality, consistency and repeatability. Koetter Brand Certified represents our commitment to support, practice and educate the importance of sustainable forestry management, which ensures the proper use of our woodlands for generations to come.


LAUZON Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is among the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in North America. Its state-of-the-art products, environmental commitment, outstanding service, and highly qualified staff make it an undisputed leader in the premium hardwood flooring industry. Thanks to its prestigious flooring products, including its revolutionary polymerized titanium finish, Polynium+ with Titanium Traffic, LAUZON’s reputation for quality is now worldwide.

Pravada Floors

Pravada Floors is a leading manufacturer and trusted provider of quality wood flooring products in North America. Pravada Floors' products are available throughout various retail distribution centers worldwide. We are committed to redefining the look of floors and beautifying interior spaces, offering product value, sustainable flooring solutions and incredible style options.


Since its inception in 1988, c has experienced extraordinary growth, driven by technological innovation and impeccable product quality. This remarkable growth is a result of constant efforts to refine our production techniques. Our exclusive wood drying process, precision milling, and extremely durable stains and polymers are your guarantee of unmatched quality and wear resistance and enhance the natural beauty of our extensive product line. Today, Preverco is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring. Preverco also stands out for its first-rate management and high-energy team. It’s no accident that the company has twice made the prestigious list of “Canada’s 50 best managed companies.” With a profile that speaks for itself, Preverco is clearly a company built on a solid foundation. And wait till you see our product line. You’ll find it irresistible!

Satin Finish Harwood Flooring

Satin Finish Harwood Flooring offers the most extensive and premium line of solid, engineered and laminate flooring products in the industry. Candaian-owned and backed by over 85 years of experience, Satin Finish stands for quality and innovation.

Shaw Floors

Shaw got its start in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a small business that dyed tufted scatter rugs. The events that transformed the company into the world's largest carpet manufacturer are too numerous to write...or even fully know. But the philosophy guiding those events meeting customers, determine their needs, and supplying those needs hasn't changed much through the years. In 1958, with $300,000 in sales, the company expanded dramatically and soon started finishing carpet as Star Finishing Company.


TORLYS, founded in 1988, is a flooring company specializing in beautiful, easy to maintain, smart and green flooring. TORLYS Cork floors, Hardwood floors, Laminate floors and Leather floors are available through a worldwide network of specialized dealers. TORLYS is headquartered in an 86,000 square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. TORLYS also has a 30,000-square-foot warehouse, office and showroom in British Columbia.


Timberwise manufactures and sells the best wooden floors on the market. (the best = the best technical solution, flawless technical quality and a stunning look) Finnish Timberwise Oy manufactures wooden floors at its production plant in Loimaa for demanding customers in Finland and throughout Europe. The highly automated factory is situated in southwest Finland. The Timberwise plank parquets are superior thanks to their excellent quality, highly durable cross-glued three-layer structure which ensures that the structure does not suffer from moisture-induced expansion/shrinkage. The surface layer is considerably thicker than on normal parquet and made of real wood whose natural warmth gives character and atmosphere to the space. It is durable, and the surface can, at a later stage, be re-sanded.